Mozilla’s New File-Sharing App Allows Users to ‘Send’ 1GB Self-Disappearing Files

- August 8, 2017

No account, no sign up, no desktop client, no browser plug-in, just simple sharing that automatically deletes files after one download or a 24-hour period. That’s what Mozilla’s new free sharing app ‘Send’ promises.

Send is essentially a browser page that allows any user coming from a “modern browser” to upload a file that is up to 1 GB in size, and share it using a link to an encrypted download.


Mozilla also states that this process is done psuedo-anonymously. “When you use Send, Mozilla receives an encrypted copy of the file you upload, and basic information about the file, such as filename and file size,” the company wrote in a post. “Mozilla does not have the ability to access the content of your encrypted file, and only keeps it for the time or number of downloads indicated.”

It also notes that the site itself is subject to Mozilla’s privacy policy, which means IP addresses visiting the site are “temporarily recorded,” as part of a standard server log.

The site will upload and encrypt whatever file the user chooses and then supply a link with which to share that file. Visitors will then be able to access and download the file within 24 hours.

Mozilla also provided a discussion board for the project, and is hosting it open-source on Github here.