Karmen ‘Starter Pack’ Makes Ransomware Attacks Even Easier (and Cheaper)

- April 18, 2017

Researchers have discovered a new variant of ransomware selling on the dark web for $175. The ransomware also features a simple, flashy UI dashboard to make it as simple as possible for attackers to set up attaks, receive payment and even communicate with victims.

The Karmen ransomware, which is “derived” from the earlier open source form known as Hidden Tear, encrypts files with the strong AES-256 encryption algorithm.

For being so cheap, it is highly flexible with custom options for communication, payment methods, encryption and payment time limits. It even keeps track of the attacker’s earnings, the number of victims and has sandbox detection methods, which will trigger its own decryptor.

For more information, including file hashes, see the blog post from researchers at Recorded Future.