You Don’t Know Hack: Survey Finds Americans Unwitting about Cybersecurity

- April 12, 2017

An online survey from the Pew Research Center is polling Americans on their knowledge of cybersecurity, and finding many Americans are unclear about fundamental cybersecurity concepts.

Internet poll answers. Source: Pew Research Center

While neither surprising and lacking in scientific standards, Pew reports 1,055 “adult Internet users” have taken the online survey, and only 1 percent of those respondents received a perfect score. Of the questions answered incorrectly, the top wrong answers were about the definition of a botnet and the use of a VPN to minimize risk while using an insecure WiFi connection.

The VPN question is especially interesting considering that since the senate and house vote, then subsequent Trump signature, on the measure to roll back Obama-era FCC protections of ISP user privacy, VPNs have received a sudden interest from Internet users.

FastCompany reported just today that more than one VPN software provider has seen spikes in downloads in the 50 to even 200 percent margin. App Annie, the business intelligence and analyst firm based in San Francisco, told FastCompany that during the seven-day period following the vote, revenues for the top five VPN apps for Android and iOS jumped by 20 percent.

Since President Trump’s election, App Annie reports that VPN downloads have increased 70 percent, from October 2016 to March 2017.


Feature image: Jose Martin,